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Our Solutions

Velocity Group is committed to delivering real results through every engagement with our clients.  Our goal is to enable the enterprise to be operational superior and to foster an enterprise culture of continual improvement.  Our experience has shown that this goal can be best achieved through strategic consulting and the use of advanced enterprise technology.  Our focus is on delivering high value solutions to our clients to generate rapid ROI and tangible results.  Operating out of six offices in four countries with well over 100 customers in over a dozen countries, Velocity has the resources and the reach to deliver world class results to your organization.

At Velocity we utilize our Success Assurance Model TM  (SAM) on every major engagement to ensure that each engagement is targeted at business results.  SAM is constructed as a lean model to rapidly define business objective, identify the most significant contributors to corporate success and to deliver the technologies, and training for success.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Velocity has partnered with some of the leading technology vendors to deliver a range of enterprise level solutions to support your core business needs.

Business Process Management (BPM) - Effective enterprise processes are the key to success.  Technology can greatly enhance the efficiency, transparency and conformance to enterprise processes.  The SAM methodology identifies the key processes of an enterprise that will provide most significant improvement in performance.  We will deliver the resources to enable the enterprise to use business process enablement technology either web-based on-demand solutions and on-site.
Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP)-  -  Almost all enterprises require an effective transaction processing capability.  SAM identifies the key transactional technology requirements for the enterprise and enables a more effective match to the ERP technology required.  We will deliver the most efficient and cost effective ERP solution for your enterprise, whether that is our solution, a third party solution or even the currently used solution re-implemented and process enabled.  

Human Capital Management (HCM) - Everyone knows that people are the most important part of any organization.  Velocity Group has delivered Human Capital solutions to more that 50 organizations to help ensure that they have the right people at the right time doing the right job.  Learn more about how we can help through our partnership with SuccessFactors, the premiers Performance and Management Suite or with our own Recruitment Process Management Solution


Velocity Recruitment Process Management

Consulting and Support Services

We have some of the most highly qualified and experienced professional services staff ready to meet your needs.


Strategic and Management Consulting -Our staff of experts will help to fully define the operational objectives of your corporate strategy and ensure that your operational processes and technology are fully aligned with your strategic goals.  Our SAM lean methodology delivers these results rapidly, in a concise manner with recommendations on the ‘next step’

Solutions Consulting - Our consulting staff have extensive experience across many business models.  The SAM methodology guides their efforts to deliver results in line with the operational objectives defined by the corporate strategy.  The goal of our consultants is to deliver business solutions supported by the most appropriate technology.  We have depth of experience around all of our solutions and what it takes to deliver value through technology.  Our consultants understand that deploying new technology is more than just installing software.  In addition to a depth of skill around our solutions, we have expertise in project management, change management, training and other areas that are critical to any successful technology project. 
Engineering Services - As part of our Success Assurance, Velocity provide a full range of IT services.  We can help you leverage technology to improve your business without the cost and risk of a “do it yourself” approach.   Our experienced engineers  can help with your network selection, design and installation, integration to existing systems, development of your website or even the building of custom applications
Operations Support - We let you focus on your core business by providing full service operations support for a range of functional areas.  From business process outsourcing to secure application hosting, network operations outsourcing and more.
Training  - Our highly experienced training team, under the SAM methodology, will provide the training necessary to get the most out of your technology investment.  SAM focuses the training on the imparting of skills to the users to achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency.


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