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Get the complete picture

Delivering performance feedback to employees that’s timely, credible and constructive is crucial to increasing workforce performance. A manager’s review of an employee just tells part of the story. The most effective employee assessments include feedback from a variety of different sources including self and peer review.


SuccessFactors 360 Degree Multi-Rater gives the full picture of an employee’s strengths and areas of improvement by gathering feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and other internal and external sources.


360 Degree Multi-Rater assessments have a direct and immediate impact on increasing employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, while giving managers a better understanding of competency gaps and development needs. Everyone can use this information to better align individual activities with the organization’s business strategy.


Features and Benefits:

·                               360-degree perspective. Supports assessments where anyone can rate anyone within a specific business unit, department or workgroup and solicit specific feedback from select, multiple sources.

·                               Detailed Gap Analysis. Identifies areas for improvement and development, ‘hidden strengths’ and ‘blind spots.’

·                               Saves time. Provides reviewers with pre-populated forms that include all of the role-based competencies, behaviors, and/or core values assigned to an employee or group of employees; automates workflow to ensure that 360 Degree Multi-Rater reviews are completed on time.

·                               Comprehensive Writing Assistant. Helps reviewers avoid ‘writer’s block’ and create concise and meaningful assessments; reviewers can fine-tune suggested text to be more or less positive and delivered in either the second or third person.

·                               Legal Scan. Helps reviewers use appropriate terminology to reduce HR administration time and avoid litigious situations.

·                               Streamline Evaluations. Works with the SuccessFactors Performance Management application to provide managers with up-to-date peer and subordinate feedback while completing reviews for members of their team.

·                               Fully customizable. Forms and workflow can be easily configured to unique 360 Degree Multi-Rater processes; forms are easily modified as processes change and evolve.

Best Practices-based. Process Guide leads managers and employees through every step of the 360 Degree Multi-Rater process, from selecting participants to creating a development plan 
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