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Turn raw data into powerful insights

To be useful, information needs to be in a form that people can use. SuccessFactors extensive performance-related dashboard reporting and analytical capabilities help managers capture and analyze on-demand the information needed to make the best strategic performance management decisions possible:

·                               Insight to the process. Lets human resources managers understand critical workforce performance management process information such as percentage of reviews complete and number of competencies assessed.

·                               Insight from the process. Lets management make decisions based on aggregate and detailed information about every employee in the company including key strengths and weaknesses, organizational skills, and total rewards drivers.


Analytics & Reporting pulls data from all SuccessFactors Workforce Performance application modules allowing a global view of the entire organization’s performance, including goal achievement, performance review ratings, and compensation. As a result, performance can be driven from all management levels, eliminating the problems of having one person or team own the process.


Features and Benefits:

·                               Global information access. Gives managers and HR all relevant workforce performance management data at their fingertips for faster and more effective management—and drive workforce performance process compliance across the organization.

·                               Trends and Insights. Allows managers to correlate trends across workforce performance modules, such as performance and compensation, enabling period-to-period comparisons that let organizations easily spot trends across specified periods.

·                               Dashboards and List Views. Lets managers see performance information in visually intuitive graphical dashboards, where they can click on any chart and drill down into a list view of the data behind the chart. They can also access List views through the Analytics Tab to quickly run a query. Both dashboards and list views also let managers filter information in a variety of ways.

·                               Easy Export to Excel. List views can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in a table format for additional analysis.

Fast Report Access. Lets managers save the filter and display options for quick access to the most frequently needed reports.  
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