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Uncover Your Strengths and Get Stronger

It’s important for your company to know what it does well. And what it doesn’t do well. That information is vital to detecting problem areas early and improving performance. SuccessFactors Competency Management lets you accurately assess and improve your employees’ competencies to help everyone to do their jobs better.


Features and Benefits:

·                               Accurate Evaluation. Gives visibility into each individual's job strengths and weaknesses.

·                               Goal Setting. Lets managers and employees set competency goals that match strategic goals.

·                               Performance Tracking. Tracks competency performance and adjust development plans to reflect improved performance.

·                               Competency Libraries. Provides comprehensive, cross-functional competency libraries, and the ability to add custom competencies.

·                               Competency Management. Competencies can be configured to be rank role-based for every position in the company, and ranked for each employee.

·                               Online Notes. Enhances informal year-round progress tracking and ensure that all relevant information is available at review time.

·                               Writing Assistant. Content rich Writing Assistant eliminates 'writer's block' and helps managers create concise, meaningful competency assessments.

·                               Competency Assessments. Provides Pre-Populated Competency Assessments with Role-Specific Assessment Criteria

·                               Audit Trail. Keeps a complete record of all reviews during all phases of the performance review routing process from start to finish.

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