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Put your money where your productivity is

Creating the right compensation strategy for every job is key to motivating and rewarding top performance from employees. SuccessFactors Compensation Planning gives managers the structure and tools they need to effectively evaluate, organize and implement an effective and rational compensation structure in their area of responsibility to improve organizational performance.


Compensation Planning saves time and ensures strict compliance with corporate compensation guidelines. By clearly linking job performance and salary, Compensation Planning can significantly increase employee performance and satisfaction. Combined with other SuccessFactors modules, Compensation Planning helps seamlessly integrate a complete pay-for-performance solution, from goal management, performance appraisal and development, to rewards.


Features and Benefits:

                               Performance Focused. Helps creates a true pay-for-performance culture by providing a clear linkage between achievement and compensation-including performance-based recommendations for merit pay, bonuses, and stock.

                               Simplified Management. Enables easy creation and management of compensation groups to ensure accurate mapping of compensation guidelines to different employee groups.

                               Streamlines Performance Reviews. Works seamlessly with other SuccessFactors modules including Performance Reviews, including employee live profiles, goal setting and performance reviews.

                               Merit pay. Automatically applies merit increases based on guideline calculations such as job level, pay grade, performance rating, comp-ratio, or range penetration.

                               Promotion pay. Allows managers to plan and recommend pay adjustments for promotions, job changes and more.

                               Lump sum adjustments. Lets manager move an employee to another pay band using a lump sum adjustment to salary.

                               Incentive Bonuses. Links individual, group, and company objective achievements directly to bonus payout.

                               Stock awards. Provides stock or stock option awards according to any criteria including broadband job level, overall performance ratings and more.

Comprehensive Solution. Supports multiple currencies and global deployment.  
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