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Training Future Leaders

You need to have the right people with the right skills in place to overcome the evolving challenges your organization will face. Your employees must be armed with relevant tools and training to close performance and knowledge gaps in order to succeed and adapt to a constantly changing environment.

SuccessFactors partners with the industry’s leading Learning Management System (LMS) vendors to provide an integrated performance and learning management solution that allows managers and employees to address and eliminate competency and skills gaps with a variety of personalized training courses, education, corporate information, communication, and employee knowledge to accelerate business results.

Features and Benefits of LMS Integration:

·                               Link Learning Activities: Managers can link learning activities to competency and skills gaps for targeted development recommendations.

·                               Mirrored Competency Model: Ensures updates to a user’s performance plan will automatically be reflected in the LMS’ competency profile and gap reports.

·                               Incorporate Learning with Performance Reviews: Learning accomplishments are tied into the performance review process to create a true pay for performance environment.

·                               Centralized Talent Management Data: Provides organizations with a complete view of Succession Planning, Talent Management, and a clear understanding of how training impacts performance.

·                               Cost and Time Savings: Reduce time and money spent on non-strategic training by directly aligning training demand with performance needs and strategic goals.

·                               Single Sign-On: User data is synchronized and only one login is required assuring data integrity and ease-of-use.

Learning Management Systems offer unparalleled levels of functionality and support for any blend of delivery environment: self-paced Web, live interactive Web, instructor-led courses, on-the-job training, seminars, mentoring and written documentation. With an on-demand Learning Management system, organizations can centrally prescribe personalized training to individuals, while segmenting functionality and data based on organization structures such as location, department or customer.


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