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On-Demand Employee Performance Management Software

Every organization needs a way for its employees to get continual and meaningful feedback from their managers. Having the right structure in place can transform the usually rushed and tedious once-a-year performance review into a dynamic and interactive process that ties employee performance to bottom line business results.


This SuccessFactors Performance Management application can substantially decrease the time required for managers to complete employee performance reviews and administrators to monitor the company-wide process. Most importantly, the improved effectiveness of the overall process directly impacts employee morale and overall productivity.


Features and Benefits:

                               Accurate Communication. Ensures that employees understand the metrics and standards on which they're evaluated, promoting a sense of fairness and equality.

                               Effective Coaching. Robust Coaching Advisor lets managers proactively provide relevant coaching and support for their teams.

                               Flexible. Can easily be configured to emulate any paper-based employee performance review form in electronic format.

                               Time Savings. Automatically calculates performance review scores based on employee ratings and weight inputs.


In addition to identifying and assessing candidates, succession management practices must show where companies need to invest in the development of candidates during the "grooming period." SuccessFactors Succession Management provides that insight:

                               Integrated Solution. Fully integrated with goal setting, compensation planning, and 360 Degree Review applications. Integrates with and captures data across all relevant applications including HRMS, LMS, and Compensation Planning systems.

                               Comprehensive Writing Assistant. Helps reviewers avoid 'writer's block' and create concise and meaningful employee appraisals; reviewers can fine-tune suggested text to be more or less positive and to more accurately reflect the feedback.

                               Legal Scan. Prevents inappropriate and non-compliant language, significantly reducing HR admin time required to check all reviews prior to signature.

                               Audit Trail. Keeps a complete record of all reviews during all phases of the performance review routing process from start to finish.

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