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Always Hire Quality People

In periods of economic growth, organizations must ensure that they have quality people with the right skills in place to either gain or maintain market leadership. Optimizing the performance of your established workforce is critical; however there are times when you must look externally to fulfill your organization’s immediate needs. Searching through hundreds of unqualified candidates is a waste of time and money. How can you ensure that you are spending your time hiring the right people?

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is our latest customer-driven Performance & Talent Management module. SuccessFactors Recruiting Management will streamline the process of identifying, screening, selecting, hiring, and on-boarding internal and external job applicants. Tight integration with the SuccessFactors solution suite means that organizations will be able to quickly and accurately identify needed skills and immediately launch a search for the right person.

Features and Benefits of Integrated Recruiting Management:

·                               Fully Integrated Talent Management: Launch Recruiting seamlessly from within the SuccessFactors Performance & Talent Management suite. Use real-time Success Profiles to create highly targeted job requisitions quickly and easily. Automated workflow sends requisitions from the screening phase to the on-boarding phase, collecting required approvals along the way.

·                               Manage Risks: Capture opportunity cost related to each open position to understand business impact of unfilled positions.

·                               Promote Jobs Internally and Externally: Automatically post approved requisitions to internal or corporate job sites.

·                               Improve Quality of Hires: Integrated Question Library offers embedded pre-screening questions tailored to the company and the job ensuring improved quality of hires.

·                               Improve Time to Productivity: Automate the on-boarding process to ensure new hires are quickly assimilated into the team. On-boarding can integrate new hire background data into Live Profile, automatically generate Goal Plan and create 90-day Performance Review.

·                               Get Real-Time, Actionable Recruiting Insight: Always know your recruiting efforts are in compliance and performing efficiently with integrated recruiting process reports and dashboards.

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