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Build a successful future for your company from the inside out

How will your company ensure that it can develop the talent it needs over the next two, five or ten years? The answer is SuccessFactors Talent and Succession Management. This unique succession management solution enables the end-to-end process of employee development, career planning, succession planning, and inventory gap analysis, from individual contributors to the highest level of executive management.


Features and Benefits:

                               Accurate Tracking. Allows managers across the organization to track the bench strength for any organizational position, and the readiness of candidates for each anticipated role; electronically tracks candidates along with role summaries, skills, competency requirements and readiness ratings.

                               Live Profiles. Displays side-by-side comparisons of candidates with Live Profiles that capture relevant information from other SuccessFactors and related HR solutions.

                               Gap Analysis Reports. Generates graphical reports on individual or groups of candidates that quickly identify areas for improvement.

                               More Productive Reviews. Works with Performance Reviews to help managers conduct meaningful, reviews that promote growth and readiness.


In addition to identifying and assessing candidates, succession management practices must show where companies need to invest in the development of candidates during the 'grooming period.' SuccessFactors Succession Management provides that insight:

                               Flexible Development Planning. Lets managers create, monitor and continually adjust development plans throughout the 'grooming period' with an Individual Development Planning component.

                               Comprehensive Writing Assistant. Helps reviewers avoid 'writer's block' and create concise and meaningful assessments; reviewers can fine-tune suggested text to be more or less positive and to more accurately reflect the feedback.

                               Legal Scan. Prevents inappropriate and non-compliant language, significantly reducing HR admin time required to check all reviews prior to signature.

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