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XSOL Mapping

“Map Your Processes – Know Your Business”

Mapping screen shot

For any company to increase productivity, it needs to have good control of its operations. This means fully understanding the dynamics of its business and being able to alter its processes as requirements change.

XSOL Mapping enables organisations to rapidly describe (“map-out”) the way they do business. Seeing real-life business processes can help identify what makes your company unique - and successful – as well as where changes can be made to improve productivity.

The key features that make XSOL Mapping so easy to work with are the way it describes business structure and activities in everyday terms, and its interactivity. It allows people’s thinking to be quickly captured, displayed, reviewed and altered in a group setting - with the results documented at the same time in a professional way - in HTML, MS Word or Excel format.

Publishing documentation using Mapping

With XSOL, the business discovery process is simplified – it starts by asking people “What do you do?” then “How could we do it better?”. Results can be quickly documented and conclusions shared - making it easier for people to ‘buy-in’ and leading to greater end-to-end process visibility, agility and accountability.

XSOL Mapping is part of a wider XSOL Business Process product suite that enables business people to define and automate their distinctive ways of doing business.

Potential Business Value

  • Capture knowledge
    Crystallize the knowledge of key staff into information that can be shared and acted upon
  • Improve capability
    Capture and enhance the Intellectual Capital of the organization to enable the improvement of strategy development, operational execution, competitiveness and shareholder value
  • Re-engineer processes
    Refine and optimize inefficient processes, cutting the time and resources required to perform specific tasks
  • Become more responsive
    React quickly to changes in market conditions and customer demands by applying the new thinking to your business processes
  • Reduce Risk
    Reduce risks associated with the requirements gathering phase of an Enterprise System deployment. XSOL allows the language of your business to define how you want to operate.

XSOL Mapping enables a company to…

  • Rapidly describe the processes, people and resources that make up a company’s business.
  • Professionally document company processes in a variety of forms, from a basic Procedure Manual with Role Descriptions to a Request for Proposal and System Implementation Guide for a new Enterprise system.
  • Instantly publish information, directly from the process map in a variety of formats - including HTML, Word and Excel.
  • Analyze current business processes and identify inefficiencies in workflow and resource utilization, gaps in process flow or duplication of effort, then quickly produce a document to define new work procedures.
  • Define the entire scope of activities that take place within the company - integrating details of manual tasks, desktop applications and existing enterprise applications into a single business model.
  • Select the level of detail to which the business processes are defined, undertaking the mapping in layers of increasing granularity down to database tables, form layouts and even individual data elements.
  • Validate and verify roles and responsibilities down to an individual task level, enabling people from all levels of the organization to actively engage in the mapping process – helping them better understand their role in the company.
  • Drive a process productivity improvement program - with outcomes such as increased productivity, cost savings, savings in time for business execution.

Once Business Processes have been defined, XSOL provides the ability to transform process into ‘run-time’ systems that manage the flow of activities within an organization, as well as integrate to existing software applications and data. To utilize these capabilities, requires the additional products in XSOL’s product suite: XSOL Automation and XSOL Integration.

Business Benefits of XSOL Mapping

Save Time
Save Money

Add Value

• Capture more information, more accurately
directly into the process model
• Build better processes
utilising the interactive review workshop
• Instantly publish to professional quality
in HTML, Word or Excel formats
• Change your business, change your process
and republish on demand
• See a business level view
regardless of the complexity of underlying systems

System Requirements Release 3 – Desktop/Laptop

  • Pentium 3 (or higher), Minimum 512 MB
  • MS Windows 2000, SP2/SP3; MS Windows XP
  • MS Installer 2.0 & MSXML 4.0 are supplied with the XSOL Mapping Installer
  • MS Word 2000 (or higher). MS Word 2003 preferred
  • Server License Manager - this option allows a number of networked users within an organization to share a fixed pool (minimum 2) of available licenses. Server License Manager requires an accessible Microsoft IIS server with MSXML 4.0 installed.
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