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Resources - (Under Construction) - We plan to launch this page January 1.  See below for a summary of the content we expect to be providing on this page.  If there is something you'd like to see on this page, please let us know at ideas@velocitygroupinc.com

Demos - There will be links to demos of all of our products along with presentations of key solutions.

White Papers - Targeted white papers to give you an idea of how Velocity Group and our clients have achieved success together.

Proven Solutions for the Building Products Industry

Webinars - We'll provide a list of our upcoming webinars as well as links to all of the archived webinars.

Articles of interest - You can expect to see highly relevant articles from business, technology and industry vertical publications.

Training Sessions - We will provide short training sessions for our various products and services.  Most will be free of charge.

Recommended reading - We will provide links to books on a number of topics that can help you and your business improve.








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