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Appian Enterprise BPM Suite
Solutions Appian Enterprise is the industry's only BPM solution to deliver advanced process, knowledge, and analytics functionality in a fully integrated suite.

The most comprehensive BPM suite on the market, Appian Enterprise features support for the three critical areas needed to build and deploy next-generation composite applications process, knowledge, and analytics:


Streamline operations by automating, executing, and monitoring cross-functional business processes from beginning to end. Appian Enterprise offers the following process management modules: Appian Process Modeler, Appian Process Engine, Appian Rules Engine, Appian Simulation, and Appian Process Manager.


Leverage information by managing enterprise documents and content and facilitating human-to-human interaction with collaborative, knowledge-based communities.


Increase visibility by utilizing extensive reporting on key business operations and process execution.

 Architecture & Integration

Appian Enterprise simplifies enterprise integration initiatives by supporting web services, providing built-in adapters to more than 280 third-party applications, and delivering tools for rapidly leveraging suite functionality.  

Appian Enterprise Architecture Architecture & Integration Knowledge Process Analytics

 Appian Enterprise can be deployed in one of two ways:

 Platform. As a comprehensive BPM suite platform for rapidly developing, deploying, and managing next-generation composite applications, or

Solutions. As one of many pre-built, industry-tailored solutions developed on the Appian Enterprise BPM Suite to solve specific, process-centric business problems

 Regardless of how it is deployed, Appian Enterprise delivers composite process applications that are:

 User-friendly. Minimizing user training while maximizing user acceptance

Personalized. Delivering secure, unique content to each user

Scalable. Expanding to meet the needs of the department, the enterprise, or the value chain

Web-based. Making them accessible to users anytime, anyplace