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Our Solutions - Pronto Xi - Event Notification System

Using the PRONTO-Xi Event Notification System (ENS), the people who need to know about something that has happened in your business can be informed immediately, whether in the office or anywhere in the world.

With ENS, which is new in Phase V, you can establish notification rules for the system to use as it monitors PRONTO-Xi database changes. A notification can take the form of any combination of:

  • Displaying and on-screen pop-up message box;
  • Sending an email;
  • Sending a mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) alert;
  • Sending a fax;
  • Activating a workflow process;
  • Launching a customised application. 

Wizards and Templates
ENS includes a Wizard to help you create event definitions and nominate recipients quickly and easily. It also includes over two dozen templates that can be used "out of the box" or modified for your particular business needs, including:

  • The Accounts Receivable 'Overdue Follow-up' allows AR staff to process overdue invoices that now have overdue follow-up notes.
  • The Customer Relationship Management 'Opportunity Lost' alerts sales management when prospects fail to convert.
  • The Inventory 'Item below safety stock' ensures that stock levels are maintained at optimum levels.
  • The Project Costing 'Actual as a Percentage of Budget' alerts project managers when a project is close to consuming budget.
  • The Purchase Orders 'Overdue Deliveries' alerts appropriate staff when goods have not arrived by the expected arrival date.
  • The Sales Orders 'Price Overrides' alert can be used when a sale is raised that is below the minimum Gross Profit percentage.
  • The Warehouse Management System 'Zero Stock' alert raises an alarm when stock in a dedicated location
    is consumed.

Self Service Capability
In order to simplify the management of ENS alerts, a "self service" subscription facility is included. This allows PRONTO-Xi users to select which events they would like to be notified about. Of course, events are managed by PRONTO-Xiís user security framework so that only notifications suitable for each userís security level can be subscribed to.

Extensible Functionality
The Event Notification System can do more than just send notifications. The rules can also be used to launch external programs or to trigger PRONTO-Xi Workflow Engine processes. This combination of flexibility and extensibility makes ENS a powerful driver of business efficiency.