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The PRONTO-Xi Integration Engine (PIE) is an efficient, cost effective way to programmatically access information from PRONTO-Xi to improve business agility and deliver on the benefits of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), self-service portals and Digital Dashboard infrastructures.

 PIE allows incoming “calls” to PRONTO-Xi from COM objects, Java classes and Web Service (SOAP) calls. In essence, these calls extend the PRONTO-Xi Rapid Application Development (RAD) Business Logic to programming languages such as Java, C/C++ and Visual Basic, as well as commercial applications that support Remote Procedure Calls.

Rapid Deployment

Due to its straightforward architecture, PIE is typically easy to install and configure. An optional API Compiler takes your new and existing RAD API code and creates the COM objects and Java class extensions used by external applications. This ensures that your EAI, portal and Dashboard projects are completed as quickly as possible.

Simplified Administration

PIE features a browser-based Workbench that shields administrators from the complexity of managing services on multiple operating systems. Workbench provides monitoring of critical items such as running services, transaction throughput, failed requests and diagnostic information. High-level scripting supports the automation of routine tasks to ensure Administrators can focus on providing user services, rather than spend time monitoring low-level system functions.