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Because you have your own way of doing business, PRONTO-Xi has been designed to take this into account. PRONTO-Xi Screen Customizer allows suitably trained staff to shape the user interface of system screens to suit the specific requirements of a company, a department or even an individual user.

Additionally, it supports sophisticated extensions to screen logic by allowing you to add “triggers” to PRONTO-Xi fields that can pop-up other PRONTO-Xi screens or third party applications as required.

Screen Customizer gives you the power to ensure that time using PRONTO-Xi is efficiently spent and that input errors are minimized. It results in faster processing, reduced costs and improved user morale.


PRONTO-Xi Screen Customiser allows you to tailor the user interface

The types of things you can alter using Screen Customizer include:

Change screen prompts and fields – Change position, text, font, color and display size of screen prompts and their associated fields.

Change field defaults – Field defaults may be predefined for different operators or different levels of operator. For example, all New York based operators may want the default warehouse to be “NYC”.

Hide screen prompts, fields and buttons – If a field is not necessary because it will always contain the same value or is not used you can remove it from the user interface.

Add screen, field or button triggers – Launch a process external to the basic logic of the screen based on a user activity. For example, calculate the default value of a field based on previously entered information or send an e-mail to a manager if a sales order exceeds a specified dollar amount.

Create User Defined Buttons – Create additional buttons on a screen to launch processes that you define.

Add Calculated or Lookup Fields to Data Grids and Forms – Ensure that the screen being used is as information-rich as you like by including data from other tables or information that is calculated on the fly.