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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an emerging approach to application development that literally turns traditional software implementation methods upside down. Instead of software developers hard coding business processes via an application language, SOA-enabled applications allow specialists to flexibly create applications as users need them, using standardised components that are combined for the purpose at hand.


Indeed, "building blocks" is a term frequently used when describing SOA and visionaries predict the creation of software Yellow Pages® that deliver components over the Internet, based on needs such as cost, quality of service and unique per-transaction requirements.

Click here to read the SOA white paper 

Click above to read the SOA white paper

Pronto Software is already incorporating SOA capabilities into PRONTO-Xi and plans to deliver this new functionality without jeopardising our proven stability and robustness. Enhancements to existing functionality will also be delivered using SOA techniques wherever possible and R&D has built a number of prototypes to better understand the tools required; resolve security issues; measure the performance advantages; and identify the orchestration issues associated with SOA.

So even though it is early days for SOA, we can see considerable benefits in the vision so far to make further investment in PRONTO-Xi's SOA capabilities worthwhile.