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Our Solutions - Pronto Xi - Thin Client

PRONTO-Xi Thin Client is designed specifically to provide a low bandwidth, high functionality connection when used with a Unix/Linux based PRONTO-Xi Server. The Microsoft Windows platform has the same benefits with the addition of a terminal server.

The integrated HTML backpane supports simple workflow processes to be displayed

The integrated HTML backpane supports simple workflow processes to be displayedIntegrated HTML Backpane
You can use the embedded HTML Background Pane to increase the speed and simplicity of using PRONTO-Xi. By creating graphical HTML pages with hyperlinks into PRONTO-Xi programs, your users can perform their day to day activities by driving PRONTO-Xi from clearly labeled icons. The benefits of using the Background Pane as a menu include:

  • Increased ease and speed of navigation;
  • Improve process compliance by organising links to simplify navigation for users and standardise processes;
  • Reduce staff training time by only including links to tasks relevant to their role.

Remote users can efficiently use the Internet to access a central server while printing in their own locations with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when required. SSL uses up to 128 bit encryption to create a secured connection from the PRONTO-Xi Thin Client to your PRONTO-Xi database from anywhere in the world. Note that SSL security is dependent on your having a Unix or Linux server that supports this encryption model.

An alternative model is to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) features built into Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, or the Microsoft Terminal Services client.

Consistent Interface

The user interface is exactly the same whether connected through the Internet or through a Local Area Network. That means the same customisations, the same menu access, the same keystrokes and the same security. This reduces training, setup and administration costs. 

Zero Deployment

PRONTO-Xi is designed to deploy the powerful client software to all users who require it with minimal administration. Users can install PRONTO-Xi Thin Client simply by opening a web page and clicking a button. The very next step is logging in to the system.