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PRONTO-Xi Workflow Designer

Compliance, adherence to policy and corporate governance are increasingly important in today’s business world. Also compelling is the need to free your employees from a "watch and wait" environment to one that is based on exception alerts and the delivery of appropriate tasks as they are needed, including automatic escalation of tasks that remain unactioned or incomplete.  

Business Process Execution for PRONTO-Xi

PRONTO-Xi Workflow, which is due for a mid-Phase V release, will help you design and implement your procedures and processes and simplify the execution of and adherence to those processes to drive your competitive edge.

Using the highly graphical PRONTO-Xi Workflow Designer, you iteratively map out who needs to perform which tasks, the order in which they should be actioned, the information required to complete the task and any escalation criteria and reporting associated with the task.

Once your business process is mapped out, the high performance PRONTO-Xi Workflow Engine coordinates the tasks in each workflow, manages employee "to do" lists, triggers escalations and alerts, publishes forms and comprehensively records the execution of all tasks. The Workflow Engine works in concert with the PRONTO-Xi Event Notification System to make your business both efficient and effective.