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Warehouse Management

As the heart of your supply chain, your warehouse has a mandate to handle inventory accurately and efficiently.


  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • DRP
  • ScanPack
  • RF Scanning
  • Catalog


PRONTO-Xi Warehouse Management capabilities allow you to streamline your internal and external supply chain processes to deliver real cost savings:

  • Give you staff immediate access to accurate inventory information.
  • Improve customer service by increasing throughput with reduced pick and pack error rates.
  • Reduce labour costs with directed put-away and easy-to-use RF scanning.
  • Optimise space utilisation including 3D warehouse layouts.
  • Increase operational control through automated replenishment and sophisticated stock take.

Indeed, your warehouse is so critical to your operations that often small improvements in warehouse optimisation significantly impact your bottom line. PRONTO-Xi Warehouse Management System (WMS) fully integrates with other PRONTO-Xi capabilities to fine tune your warehouse operations and deliver optimum performance.

Sophistication and Ease-of-Use

WMS is a sophisticated warehouse control system designed to maximise warehouse throughput and customer service levels by intelligently controlling movements of inventory into, around and out of the warehouse.  It has two levels of warehouse controls and supports multiple bin locations per item with controlled putaway without or without optimised picking.  In addition, you are offered total flexibility in the description of the warehouse layout. Each location within the warehouse is specified in a 3D coordinate system. Optimal picking paths can be specified to guide your staff - picker or replenisher - through the warehouse in the most effective sequence. User defined locations are supported, including Carton Line Storage (CLS), carousel and manual pick locations.

For each item, you can set up carton and pallet storage locations, specifying minimum and maximum picking quantities for each location. Each item can have an unlimited number of storage locations within a warehouse. Inner cartons are also supported.

Your Warehouse Manager can select and prioritise the orders to be processed. Orders may be produced in batches corresponding to one delivery from a designated pickup point in the warehouse. A consolidated picking slip can be produced to optimise the process of picking orders. Items on the consolidated picking slip are sorted according to the most efficient path through the warehouse. PRONTO-Xi WMS can also organise pre-pick movements of goods through the warehouse. This allows pallet quantities to be shipped directly to the despatch point from bulk storage.

PRONTO-Xi supports a variety of top-up routines that allow you to define a threshold percentage at which a location should be replenished to eliminate the risk of stockouts:

  • Two stage replenishment;
  • Queuing of replenishments;
  • Allocation of replenishments to particular users;
  • Manual replenishments.

Pre-pick replenishments are also supported. As part of the picking process, PRONTO-Xi can order pre-pick replenishments of locations that would be emptied during the next picking run. Replenishment activity can be generated and maintained from RF units.

Incoming inventory is set as ‘awaiting putaway’. It is not available for sale until it is moved to a location in the warehouse. PRONTO-Xi Warehouse Management System can automatically allocate a storage location for incoming inventory based on current location of this item, storage type and priority.

Intelligent putaway routines produce labels showing the locations to be filled. Top ups can also be performed as part of the putaway process.

PRONTO-Xi Warehouse Management System supports two methods of bin location controls:

Quantity based – Set up hierarchical structure of the quantity that can be stored in each bin location for each level.

Three-dimensional – The capacity is determined by the height, width and depth.

PRONTO-Xi Warehouse Management System is fully integrated with all other PRONTO-Xi modules including Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, ScanPack, RF, etc.