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SAP Business One: Affordable, Integrated Business Management Software for Your Growing Business

Business owners know that software solutions can be powerful, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and achieve new competitive advantage. They also know that business software can be expensive to implement, difficult to use, and complex to maintain.

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    But not with SAP Business One. SAP Business One is an integrated, affordable business management solution designed specifically for small and midsize businesses. For the first time, business owners have a single system that automates their critical operations, including sales, finance, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing and offers an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of their business.

    SAP Business One is affordable, so you can achieve a rapid return on your investment. It's also simple to use, giving all of your users a consistent, intuitive environment that they can learn quickly and use effectively. And it's powerful, enabling you to manage your business today and grow to new levels of success.

    The solution offers functionality to optimize every aspect of your business, from financial accounting to manufacturing to sales and service. It also delivers truly innovative features, including a five-step MRP Wizard that automates material requirements planning, and a Drag&Relate tool that lets users link different pieces of information with a single mouse click. The latest version of the solution, SAP Business One 2005, further enhances quality, ease of use, and supportability.

    With SAP Business One, you can achieve a new level of control and increase the profitability of your business. Your employees get the information they need, when and how they need it. And you can easily customize the solution to meet your changing requirements.

    SAP Business One is offered by SAP, the world's leading provider of business software solutions. It's delivered through a worldwide network of qualified partners, who leverage SAP's expertise to provide local service and support.

    Want to learn more about SAP Business One? Contact Chris Morris at chris.morris@velocityglobal.co.nz