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Develop your most valuable assets

Your employees are your most valuable resource. They will create your company’s next blockbuster products and services. They will win the next big account. Helping them grow is an important investment. Giving them the right tools, training, coaching and support is absolutely vital.


SuccessFactors Development Planning allows managers and employees to identify areas that need improvement and then create specific plans to help address those competency gaps.


Features and Benefits:

·                               Flexible Planning. Lets managers and employees proactively plan development activities based on both competency gaps and anticipated job responsibilities.

·                               360 Feedback. Integrates with the SuccessFactors 360 Degree application providing managers with peer and subordinate feedback that can enhance Career and Development planning.

·                               Effective Coaching. Robust Coaching Advisor lets managers provide proactive relevant coaching and support.

·                               Productive Recommendations. Provides suggested text for reviews that lets managers phrase suggestions and recommendations in a positive and productive manner.

·                               Flexible. Supports self-assessment rating standards at any level of granularity.

·                               Legal Protection. Includes a Legal Scan to help managers use appropriate terminology, reducing HR administration effort and avoiding litigious situations.

·                               Time Saving. Pre-populates Competency Assessments with Role-Specific Assessment Criteria so that IDPs are based on critical job profile competency needs.

·                               Audit Trail. Keeps a comprehensive audit trail of all Career and Development plans during all phases of the routing process through to completion.