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SuccessFactors Employee Survey

Keeping the lines of communication open

Managers need real, actionable feedback that helps them understand the issues that matter most to the company and their areas of responsibility. The Employee Survey gives managers direct feedback from the front lines by allowing employees to express their views in an open and non-punitive forum. The Survey keeps employees involved and provides management with important information for creating new strategies and procedures.


Features and Benefits:

                               On-Demand Functionality. Lets manager create customized surveys and question types using standardized "best practices" survey formats.

                               Built-in Flexibility. Survey Builder maps simple logic into surveys for flexible survey design and more efficient data feedback.

                               Simple, intuitive interface. Makes it easy for managers to create and evaluate surveys, and employees to understand and complete those surveys.

                               Media Independence. Allows managers to conduct surveys using email, web, fax-back or any other media that fits your business needs.