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SuccessFactors Total Goal Management™

Set and align actionable, measurable goals

Setting relevant and achievable goals is the cornerstone of both individual and corporate success. By automating the process of creating, cascading, publishing, monitoring, and measuring performance against goals, SuccessFactors Goal Management helps managers and employees achieve more, faster. Goal management facilitates the development of goals and objectives that are clear, visible and actionable while enabling vertical and horizontal alignment across the organization via cascading goals.


Features and Benefits:

·                               Results Focused. Lets manager break large goals into smaller, specific, manageable, and time-sensitive components-and measure goal impact and progress by teams, business units, and company.

·                               Promotes Communication. Keeps managers in touch with employees' progress during every phase of goal completion, allowing immediate reinforcement of progress or coaching to get performance and deadlines back on track.

·                               Results Visibility. Tracks progress of milestones via intuitive visual indicators and provides a goal audit history for after-the-fact evaluation; helps generate graphical gap-analyses on expected-to-actual performance at any level.

·                               Relevant Reviews. Works with SuccessFactors' Performance Management to provide meaningful, concise reviews that help employees understand their performance against goals.

·                               Accurate Tracking. Integrates with SuccessFactors' Individual Development Planning to allow plans that can be monitored and measured year-round to enhancing employees' ability to meet objectives.

·                               Productive Coaching. Provides comprehensive coaching suggestions and actions that promote achievement through SuccessFactors' Coaching Advisor.


The S.M.A.R.T way to set goals

SuccessFactors Total Goal Management helps ensure success by making certain that every goal is "SMART."

·                               S = Specific. Goals must state clearly what is desired, such as increasing sales leads by 15% or responding to client requests 50% faster.

·                               M = Measurable. SuccessFactors ensures that each goal includes metrics for success-and milestones along the way to track progress.

·                               A = Achievable. Goals must be realistic, attainable and aligned with your company's strategic goals.

·                               R = Results-Oriented. SuccessFactors ensures that every goal produces a tangible and positive result.

·                               T = Time-Sensitive. Every goal must have a realistic start and finish date that doesn't conflict with other goals.