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SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite

Company performance is driven by people. In the most successful organizations, individual objectives are aligned with corporate goals, people are compensated based on execution, and succession plans safeguard future performance.

SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite helps you align, develop, motivate and maintain your workforce. Delivered on-demand, the suite includes:

                               Goal Management

                               Career and Development Planning

                               Competency Management

                               Learning Management

                               Performance Management

                               360 Degree Review

                               Compensation Planning

                               Employee Survey

                               Talent and Succession Planning

                               Recruiting Management

                               Business Analytics and Reporting


SuccessFactors lets you effectively communicate your company's strategic goals to its workforce-and motivate them to achieve those goals. Likewise, SuccessFactors lets your company accurately evaluate and grow the talents in its workforce. It helps you create a more involving, dynamic, enjoyable and rewarding work environment.

The entire suite is easily accessible online, so your people can use it whenever and wherever needed. The suite is fully integrated and highly scalable, so you can add capabilities and capacity on-demand.

 More importantly, this tight integration lets management establish high-level strategic goals for the company-and immediately cascade those goals down throughout the entire suite. This ensures that every individual, team and departmental goal is aligned and synchronized with the company's strategic goals.