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Velocity Group is an experienced Technology and Professional Services firm providing integrated solutions for a variety of government and commercial clients. As a whole, the Velocity Group and our customers, staff, capabilities, and reputation have been well established for going on seventeen (17) years, with continuing and rapid growth. We have sales and support offices in Alexandria, VA, Minneapolis, MN, Toronto, ONT, and Auckland, New Zealand. With revenues in excess of $54,000,000, The Velocity Group is a substantial, proven, long term partner to our clients and will continue to provide the best available technology and services to our customers for many years to come. 

A key Technology partner of The Velocity Group is Pronto Software of Melbourne Australia. Pronto Software has been a focused provider of ERP Technology for 30 years.  Pronto Software’s proven ERP solution, PRONTO-Xi, had its initial release in 2000 and has been enhanced by a major release every year since, with many Pronto customers migrating from Pronto’s older, character-based technology to PRONTO-Xi. There are many Companies that have been Pronto customers for over two (2) decades.

Velocity Group has enjoyed a key partnership with Pronto Software since 2001. We are the Master Distributor of PRONTO-Xi in North America and New Zealand, with Sales and Support offices in three countries. PRONTO-Xi, a proven ERP solution for the Building Products Industry, is installed currently in nearly 1300 customers in 27 countries. We are completely committed to our customer’s success and provide world-class support from our Service Centers in Minneapolis, Toronto, and Auckland. PRONTO-Xi customers range in size from 4 users to 2800. PRONTO-Xi is a completely integrated business solution, rich in functionality, with a wide scope of industry applications to manage your ENTIRE business more efficiently. Utilizing innovative implementation techniques and tools, The Velocity Group generates increased performance, service, efficiency, and accountability.  Far beyond just another Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, PRONTO-Xi’s financial, distribution, and manufacturing applications are unique and have provided a proven return on investment for a wide variety of organizations for nearly three decades.


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