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Our Solutions - Success Assurance Model(TM)

Success Assurance Model - SAM(TM)

The drive of organizations to achieve operational efficiency to achieve or maintain competitiveness has usually meant that they have sought out and embraced new systems, methods and technologies.  In many cases this has lead to the expenditure of millions of dollars with less than expected results.  These results are most often due to the change in focus of the improvement project.  The aim of the project always starts out correctly – ‘to address business problems or limitations in the current operation’, and almost always concludes that there is a need for the implementation of new, better, up-to-date systems and technology.  The project prime focus then changes to the implementation of the systems and technology and success is declared when those elements ‘go-live’.  At best systems and technology address only 30% of the activity of an organization and are very dependant on the correct, efficient and effective operation other 70%.  SAM(TM)  is about addressing the entire effort, the whole 100%

 SAM is an all encompassing model that will help an organization define their business goals, determine the specific objectives that must be achieved to reach those goals, develop the operations and rules to fulfill the objectives and implement the systems and technologies to enable operational efficiency.  To achieve these results you need a complete set of tools and a well defined process.  SAM is methodology, systems and technology but the key component is the focus to deliver business results through operational effectiveness.

 The principles and components of SAM(TM)  have evolved and matured over two decades of use in the field.  The use of SAM(TM)   has been refined to provide a very effective, efficient and componentized delivery providing results at each stage.  This allows an organization to evaluate the benefits of each stage and their commitment to the process.

 The principles or constructs of SAM(TM) are as follows :

  • Workshops – carefully facilitated short, group events to for the discovery and definition of the organizational imperatives at each level,  This format is very conducive to uncovering the real operations of the organization and fostering the mind-set change process of the participants.
  • Systems – the use of system tools to enable the institutionalization of policy, business rules and operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Technology – is used, where appropriate to delivery the capabilities to execute the operational process efficiently.
  • Methodology – a proven methodology executed by seasoned business knowledgeable  practitioners to ensure the effective use of the model.
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